A cordial welcome to everyone

Running is our passion. We live and love running with every single fiber of our body. Fascination marathon. The fascination of 42,195km. Our goal is to get better every day with a smile in our face, to glow with excitement for running and to inspire other people. We want to see the happiness that we also feel in the eyes of the runners.

We are happy if you join us.


Recipe of the month

Here you can find every month a new recipe from us. Sometimes sweet, sometimes lusty, sometimes solid, sometimes liquid. Often with chocolate. And very often with crumbles. Enjoy cooking, backing and eating!


Good morning cookies

This recipe is for all the cookies and breakfast-lovers and for those, who wants to become it. If we think of these cookies, we immediately jump out of the bed :-)

Exercise of the month

Here you can find every month a new athletic or stretching exercise. May your body thank you with sore muscles :-)


Scissor jumps

Jump, jump, jump. When we’re running, we’re also flying somehow – from one leg to the other leg. This exercise trains our elastacity and strengthens the legs, that we can do it more explosive and faster.

Hahnertwins Club

Makes you fast.

Your advantages:

- mental training
- running technique
- nutrition clues
- motivation strategies
- exchange with other club members
- individual questions
- insider stories and clues
  from pro athletes

The content is not available yet in English.

Autograph demand

We are happy to sign an autograph card for you. Send a prepaid envelope to this address:

c/o Autograph Anna and Lisa Hahner
Kraftzig 10
77790 Steinach



If you have other questions or suggestions, contact us via the

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We are going to answer within a few days.

Next dates

17th September Sanlam Cape Town Marathon (Lisa)
7th + 8th October Running seminar in Nördlingen (booked out)
15th October Lollslauf Bad Hersfeld



23rd April Running Day in Vienna
13th May Running Day in Cologne
3rd June Running Day in Hamburg
3rd-10th June Robinson Running Camp Fleesensee
23rd June Running Day in Munich
13rd October Running Day in Fulda

Fakten, Fakten, Fakten

Highest weekly mileage in km (Lisa) 195
Max altitude meters during run 1526
Speeches 1
Photo shoots 2
Different track&field stadions 4
Highheels worn in h 7
Longest sober run in km 18
Juggling nonstop in s 154
Biggest training volume/day in min 330
Scoops of ice cream 28
FB live talks 1
Apples eaten in kg 14
Hahnertwins running days 1
Homemade cakes 12
Competitions 1
Highest number of laps at a track training 39
Hahnertwins running days 1
Speeches 4
Competitions in different countries 3
Running style analysis 1
Longest bike tour in km (Anna) 110
Facebook posts 28
Hahnertwins Club FB live workouts 5
New recipes created 12
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