A cordial welcome to everyone

Running is our passion. We live and love running with every single fiber of our body. Fascination marathon. The fascination of 42,195km. Our goal is to get better every day with a smile in our face, to glow with excitement for running and to inspire other people. We want to see the happiness that we also feel in the eyes of the runners.

We are happy if you join us.


Recipe of the month

Here you can find every month a new recipe from us. Sometimes sweet, sometimes lusty, sometimes solid, sometimes liquid. Often with chocolate. And very often with crumbles. Enjoy cooking, backing and eating!


Crispy chick peas

We love chick peas. This is a great name for good healthy food. „Chick“ is translated in German a part of our family name, so we have a connection to these vegetables. Moreover in German they are called „Kichererbsen“, which means sniggering peas. This recipe is for crispy chick peas, a perfect snack for in between.

Exercise of the month

Here you can find every month a new athletic or stretching exercise. May your body thank you with sore muscles :-)


Clap your feet

With this exercise we give us our own applause, namely with our feet.

Hahnertwins Club

Makes you fast.

Your advantages:

- mental training
- running technique
- nutrition clues
- motivation strategies
- exchange with other club members
- individual questions
- insider stories and clues
  from pro athletes

The content is not available yet in English.

Autograph demand

We are happy to sign an autograph card for you. Send a prepaid envelope to this address:

c/o Autograph Anna and Lisa Hahner
Kraftzig 10
77790 Steinach



If you have other questions or suggestions, contact us via the

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Next dates

23rd April Hahnertwins Club Running Day in Berlin
 25.04.-02.05.17 Hahnertwins Laufcamp Robinson Club Fleesensee
 4/5th May Speech at Leadership workshop in Bad Nauheim
 28th May Hahnertwins Club Running Day in Cologne
 24th June Hahnertwins Club Running Day in Munich
12th August Hahnertwins Club Running Day in Frankfurt

Fakten, Fakten, Fakten

Hours in Germany (Lisa) 36
Hours in Germany (Anna) 672
Victories in Tabletop football in % 100
Longest run in km (Anna) 21
Longest run in km (Lisa) 38
Baking milk rolls 36
Hahnertwins Running Club Workouts 4
Longest indoor cycling session in min 150
Longest run in km (Anna) 15
Longest run in km (Lisa) 30
Hahnertwins Running Club Workouts 2
Min on slackline (Anna) 222
hottest running temperatures in °C (Lisa) 18
coldest running temperatures in -°C (Lisa) 12
Yoga in min (Anna) 420
Sauna visits (Anna) 9
Push ups (Anna) 1860
Highest temp outdoor in °C (L) 22
Lowest temp outdoor in -°C 10
Singing Christmas songs 12
Roasted macadamia in g 420
Christmas markets 4
Persons on Holy Night 13
different countries (Lisa) 3
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