Travel and food

From Bern via Berlin to Luxembourg. The training goes well and I’m enjoying being back in races. Bern was my first 10miles race and I’m very happy with my 4th place (58’13“, 263m of climbing) in an international field. One week later I went to Berlin for the women run. 17000women, that was a big party. I leaded the whole field from the top and could celebrate my first place. This weekend we are in Luxembourg, where Anna is going to run in the relay and I’m doing the half marathon.

We love to run and to travel. We discover different countries during running and also in a culinary way. For example the Schoggi. the Bircher Muesli and the cheese in Switzerland or the Quetschetaart and a cold beer (non-alcoholic of course ;-) in Luxembourg. Which leads us to the subject of this essay. How and what do we eat when we are traveling. 

In the black forest we always cook and bake for ourselves several times a day. For us it is fun, some kind of relaxation and another advantage: we always know what is on our plates. If we travel, we often prepare some food to take away. We also enjoy if someone cooks for us, for example some weeks ago in the Robinson club Fleesensee. After our training, the food was already prepared and we could directly go to the buffet and load or plates. For lunch we preferred vegetables, salad and afterwards milk rice with smashed apples and for dinner also sometimes meat or fish. The evening before a competition we eat mostly carbs, for example risotto in Bern or a pizza in Berlin.

Food is for us quality of life and also consumption. We love to create new recipes during our easy training runs. A new spread, breakfast cookies or a crumble cake. Our nutrition is healthy and well-balanced and sometimes we also eat sweets. We know that it is rather luxury food than good food and as long as we take care of the dimensions, it is okay. We can’t really imagine an afternoon without eating a piece of cake and during a very intensive training week we sometimes eat in the evening not only two pieces of chocolate, but two bars. That’s probably not healthy for our body, but for our soul. According to the slogan: Chocolate doesn’t fix problems, but neither do apples.... On such a day we get an energy overload and that will do for some time and the next days are more healthy again.

We have a good structure in our daily life and we also like to eat regularly. If we travel, we plan in advance where and when we can eat our four meals. So the food fits perfectly to our training. The routine with fixed times makes it easier that we don’t long for a snack in between. If we can organize it, we like to have at least one meal at the place we’re staying at the moment. As we get the best impression of a city via the food. For example, Dresden is for us „Eierschecke“, Vienna is „Kaiserschmarrn“ and Fulda „Hefekuchen“.

Here we have 5 nutritive tips for you, what we consider when we are traveling.

  1. Preparation

If we travel, we’re planning the day before when and where we get our food and mostly we take something from home with us. So we can decide what we are eating and have healthy food. Especially when we travel by car we don’t rely on the service areas. Then we prefer our bowl full of porridge, couscous or freshly baked bread. In addition we always take some apples with us.

  1. Regularity

Despite travelling, we keep our usual eating times. If we snack all the time, we eat mostly less healthy and in the end you often don’t know what you’ve eaten. In addition we can adjust our training and food, in order to run with filled energy stores, but not with a too full stomach.

  1. Vegetables to go

Sweet corn also tastes quite well directly out of the can. Have you already tried it? It looks indeed a bit strange. But the can is easy to carry, quickly depolluted and it is no problem if it is shaken a lot or too hot outside. Additionally, it is the fastest way to take something with you, if you don’t have the time to cut some carrots, peppers or prepare a salad. Don’t forget to take a teaspoon with you.

  1. Drinks

We always have a bottle of water with us that we drink enough. That is important to stay healthy and to be concentrated. Those, who only start drinking when they are really thirsty, are already too late. And if one bottle is not enough, you can refill it nearly everywhere with tab water.

  1. Back up

We always take a can of nuts with us, when we’re travelling. They are very good if the next main meal is later than expected. They are easy to carry and it doesn’t matter if it is hot outside. Additionally they keep your blood sugar level constant, that you stay powerful - not only in a physical, but also in a psychological way. In Germany you even call nuts and raisins food for students, as they improve the ability to concentrate and helps you to work efficiently. Nuts are healthy, especially in their pure version, which means unsalted and not roasted.

In our rubric nutrition you can find several recipes that are good for a travel lunch bag. You can prepare them the day before and enjoy the food during your travel. For example crispy chick peas, couscous salad, or bananna muffins.


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