Lisa’s autumn marathon in Cape Town

On September 17th I will race the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon South Africa. For me it’s a premiere as it’s my first city marathon out of Germany. After the Olympics, the organizer, Elana Meyer, a former female South African long distance runner and an olympic medalist, got in contact with us. She loved our positive energy and our joyful running. That’s the spirit she wants to have for her marathon, so she would be enlighted if Cape Town marathon became my autumn highlight. 

And the enthusiasm was directly on both sides. In spring 2016 I already trained for 3 weeks in Cape Town and I was very touched by the spirit of the ‚mother city’. It’s so beautiful, inspiring and perfect for my autumn marathon. The Cape Town marathon realized an impressive growing during the last years. Nowadays more than 10.000 runners are participating and it’s the only gold label marathon - an award from the IAAF for the best race organizers - on the African continent. In Germany only Berlin and Frankfort have this label.

The specific marathon preparation already started some weeks ago. Since April I train continuously. My coach Thomas (Dold) has included a lot of general athletic exercises in the training plan, alternative training and intervals on the track. Meditation, yoga, TRX, slackline, juggling, road bike, mountain bike and of course lots of running. My body is not only in a good shape now, but also way more resistant. My recovery is better and faster, I can keep my good running style also after 30k and we could increase the quality in training step by step. 30k in faster than 4min pace is not a big deal anymore, also 15x600m intervals in 1’55“. So we can build on that the specific preparation. We will spend the following weeks in the black forest, as we have perfect training conditions here.

Compared to the last years, Anna and I train less sessions together. Even though we have the feeling, we train always side by side. Do you know the proverb: “If you want to enjoy happiness, you have to share it. As happiness was born as a twin.“ And we add to this sentence: happiness was not only born as a twin, also to be a twin is the greatest happiness.

The Cape Town marathon will start at 7am. As South Africa is on the southern hemisphere, the summer begins in November. With 19°C in average, we can expect best running conditions. Shosholoza, the inofficial South African national anthem is already for some weeks on my playlist. There will be some more songs for my marathon soundtrack and even more kilometres and hours of running. I’m looking forward to that. And to my autumn marathon. 42.195km and always the table mountain somewhere beside me. Shosholoza!


„Shosholoza, shosholoza
Ku lezontaba
Stimela siphum’ e South Africa
Wenu yabaleka
Wenu yabaleka
Ku lezontaba
Stimela siphum’ e South Africa“ 


Go forward
You are meandering on those mountains
The train is from South Africa
You accelerate
you accelerate
on those mountains
The train is from South Africa

- Shosholoza, translation

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