Anna runs the BMW Berlin Marathon

On September 24th, 2017 I’m going to run the BMW Berlin Marathon. Already for the fourth time, I’ll be at the starting line in Berlin, there is no marathon, that I ran more often. 13 month after my last marathon at the Olympic Games in Rio. In between a lot has happened. For three month I couldn’t neither run, nor cycle nor swim. Thus I had to start completely new on January 1st.

With a body, that wasn’t in shape, but healthy. Next to the partial tendon tear at my left hamstring that I suffered after 3km at the Olympic marathon, additionally, I had to cure from a long-lasting pubic bone. That’s why I started to rebuild carefully in the first weeks of this year. I took the time I needed to train and run without any pain again. That’s what I couldn’t do since the middle of 2015. From mid 2015 until autumn 2016 there was not a single minute, when I was without pain, neither during sports, nor during rest time or even while sleeping. I learned my lesson. I wanted to get rid of the pain for good. That’s why we increased the volume of running kilometres very carefully, always combined with thousands kilometres of cycling and hundreds of swimming and daily strengthening and coordination exercises like yoga, TRX and slackline. My coach Thomas Dold let me train with a huge volume and a lot of variations.

Though we increased the volume and the intensities very carefully, my body reacted with some problems, as he wasn’t used to it anymore after month without any sports. A shin split, an irritated tendon in my foot, in my thigh... As soon as I wanted too much to fast, I directly got an answer from one part of my body. I think, I understood, what my body wanted to tell me: Listen to me. And I really made progresses.

In July, finally, I wasn’t only healthy, but also without a single little injury problem. I could start with my marathon preparation. How I missed the long runs, that get faster and faster with every kilometre, tired legs, that remind me in the evening on a good training session and the refuelling of my energy stores when one pizza is not enough. This is marathon training. I love it even it is tough and very demanding.

On September 24th, I’ll be back at the starting line at the 44th BMW Berlin Marathon. The feeling now is similar to my marathon debut, even though my last marathon was only one year ago and my last victory at the Hanover Marathon only 16 months. I’m really looking forward and I’m excited to race my favourite distance again. I’m back on the road again.

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