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Aren’t you jealous that Anna is running in shorts in New Zealand and you’re staying in Germany? In the last weeks I had to answer this question quite a lot. I know how amazing New Zealand is and Anna is happy there and that makes me happy.  

When I’m looking at the running pictures, I’m happy and there is also another feeling. It doesn’t depend on the great weather or the wonderful landscape. It’s the feeling of easiness and implicitness, total exhaustion combined with huge happiness, that you experience a lot as an athlete and that I miss so much.

In the end of last year, I decided to stay in Germany and not to go to New Zealand. The sports medical check up and performance diagnostic said that I’m healthy, but too often the training didn’t go as I wanted.

Ironically it was the running, that I missed the most and that also caused most of my troubles. An up and down, one step forward and another one backward. With the feeling that I’ve finally got the hang out of this and in the next moment I was off again. That’s why I decided to take some time out for the rest of the year 2017 and I worked together with great people.

The last month I made a big step forward. I train with a structure and a plan again, I run every day, the intensity and the volume are still moderate, but at least during the strength training, I can push my limits again. With the barbell, kettlebell, TRX or with free exercises. Afterwards my heart is beating beacause of exhaustion and joy at the same time. And I’m sure, soon I will also have this feeling after a great running session again.

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