Tokyo Marathon, is there enough time?

Just a few days to the Tokyo Marathon. The last two weeks before I expected to be different. Recovery and recharging the batteries, less kilometres, no runs longer than 30km. But less kilometres was replaced with 0km.

After the last intensive session with more than 30km 2.5 weeks before the marathon I could not put weight on my right leg. This happened out of the blue. Instead of cooling down by running I had to cool down my right leg with cold water and ice. Not only running was not possible but also simple walking. Cooling, putting the legs up, seeing the chiropractor, but also the next days the situation did not change. The training for the Tokyo Marathon was technically done, I ran many runs with 30-35km and good quality, had still good and fast track sessions in between and now, when there is more or less easy peasy in training with just some short intensive sessions, my body strikes. Or more precise, my femoral muscle. My body feels very good and really strong, he is ready to run the marathon on Sunday. Now I hope this message will also arrive at my femoral muscle. After almost one week of total rest I could at least walk properly again. This was the start for me to go in the swimming pools, do swimming and running in water. Finally I could do some exercises and challenge my heart rate. I trained daily for 1-2,25h in the water and did at the same time everything regarding recovery that I could think of.

Wrappings with salve, magnet field therapy, cold red light, massage, chiropractor, meditation, praying and lots of sleep. I took care to eat anti-inflammatory food and as long as I have not been in the water I put my legs up. Every try to run still ended up after a few metres. This was deflating, but does it help to lament? The German weight lifter Matthias Steiner said a sentence that I had to think of in these moments: „Things, you cannot change you have to accept.“ Moreover positive thinking and good vibes help to recover faster.

One Sunday, one week before the Tokyo Marathon and one day before our take off from New Zealand I could run the first time 5min again. That’s not long and still far away to run 2.5h, but for me it was a big step forward. With this positive energy in my back I got on the plane to Tokyo. Tuesday morning in Tokyo I could already run 4km. Not 100% smoothly and still far away from 42.195km but again a big progress. I will do everything until Sunday that I will stand at 9.15am on the starting line and that I will experience the moment to cross the finish line at the Emperor’s palace. The time runs and at least I am running again as well. I hope, I will make it until Sunday and that I will not only have prepared in New Zealand the Tokyo marathon for 11 weeks but that I will also be able to run it.

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