I am running again

Not able to run without any warning and now I am running again. 9 weeks later.

The history

Two weeks before the Tokyo Marathon in the middle of December in New Zealand after my last long intensive training before the marathon I was not able to run anymore. Not any meter. The training went well, I wanted to cool down with easy jogging and suddenly I could not put push off my right foot. I had severe pain in my legs. Not in my foot but in my thighs. I could not really locate the pain. After 5min of hobbling I stopped it. Cooling down and the easy afternoon run have been cancelled. Still I hoped I could go for a run the next day. Getting up of bed showed me with any doubts that I won’t be able to run. What happened? My muscles have been as tight as steel cables. I have not had similar tension on them before. Taking the tension of the muscles and loosen them up. This was a strenuous effort that was not only for me painful.

Hope dies last

The next days up to the Tokyo Marathon have been formed by hope and therapy. I did not want to give up my big goal so easily. I have been in a really good shape and ready for the marathon. Just my right thigh has had a different understanding of that. The daily treatment at the chiropractor in New Zealand and the physiotherapy of Wilson Kipsang’s physiotherapist the days before the Marathon in Tokyo could just improve the problem but not solve it. The last hope extinguished just a few metres after the starting shot of the Marathon. I can’t run. That’s it. After 4km I stood beside the road.

Diagnosis: Tractus syndrome

And now? Back to Germany, MRI and hoping that I can still take advantage of my good shape I built up in New Zealand. No stress fracture. Relief? At first yes but the following days I realize that a fracture is more tangible than a muscle injury. My diagnosis: tractus syndrome. A badly inflamed right femoral muscle.


Therapy in Munich and Berghaupten

For now doing nothing. No running, no biking, no swimming. I have been two times for some days in Munich where I have had at least once a day treatment by the physiotherapist Jan Frieling (Fit im Tal), additionally treatments by the former team doctor of Bayern Munich Dr Braun and the well-known Dr Murrisch. My right femoral muscle challenged many people at the same time. The healing curve is like a stock price. A permanent up and down with the trend of increasing. Except my stays in Munich I am treated in the Toplife Health centre in Berghaupten. My physiotherapist Michel Roche is also in touch with the physiotherapist and the doctors in Munich.

Alternative training and first attempt to run

After being pain free in my ordinary life I could start with alternative training. Swimming, aqua-jogging, yoga and biking. This was good as I could start training my cardiovascular system again. The first attempt to run in the middle of March was a disaster. After 3min I stopped and afterwards the pain at normal walking returned and the severe tension on my muscles. But the positive thing, the tension was now not so persistent. The actual problem is not my thigh, technically it is not his fault. The tension is provoked by my lumbar spine and an adjustment of my sacroiliac joint. Running shoes back in my shoe cabinet and challenging my patience again.

First meters pain free

In the meantime I was biking up to 470km a week, doing intervals and mountain climbs. But nothing is comparable to running. On the anti-gravity treadmill I could run with reduced body weight and reduced impact in the end of March the first kilometres pain free, similar to running in water. This was a great feeling. This was the feeling I wanted to have back at running. And now it’s finally the time. I have run my first meters. 10min for the beginning and this feels huge.

My next plans? I only start planning when I start severe running training. I don’t know how much time it takes until I can show my full potential again. But I know that I did the most important step. The first one.

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