Second year for Laufteam Deutschland

Current situation of long distance runner

We are already for a couple of years in the runners scene, have competed for the German National team and are as many German marathon runners, and nevertheless we are independent from the Federation. This independence is not always chosen on purpose but a simple urgent necessity. The financial promotion of the long distance running in Germany is reduced to its minimum, minimalist financial promotion for minimalist presence at the first places at championships.

Our contribution

Instead of creating a concept to change this, the German federation consider the long distance running and especially the road running matter closed. “Independent to the marathon of the EC” was the topic of an interview with laufen.de with the German EC participant Philipp Pflieger last week. This topic would have fit to the complete German male marathon team. It is no secret in the running scene that the wants of the Federation are bigger than the gives.
As an athlete there are moments you feel powerless and at the same time everyone can do something. We decided to get in charge instead of moaning about the current situation. Our goal is, to push running in general and support young German runners in their running career. Millions of Germans are running, it’s the biggest sport in our country and therefore a great basis for great results, at least this is what it should be. But there is a huge gap between theory and reality that has to be filled with many hours of training, talent, the will for success and some luck.
The Laufteam Deutschland helps especially with the last points. It is supported by the Laufszene Events form Dresden, that are organizing 13 running events and other athletes as Anja Scherl (Olympian Rio Marathon 2016), Annett Horna (former 800m runner), Patrick Spinner (former decathlete) and Thomas Dold (7times winner Empire State Building run-up) with the goal to have more German runners at international championships in future. No doubt this is not an easy goal and also not possible to achieve within one or two years.


The concept

For that reason we had the kick-off of the Laufteam Deutschland last year in the Black Forest and it was continued in March this year in Dresden. Next September there will be the „comeback“ in the Black Forest, also to have a look which development we can see within one year. Every athlete has to apply again for the team and the training camp in the Black Forest. The participants of 2017/2018 have a bonus, as the Laufteam Deutschland wants to support in longer-term, a bad year in sport can nevertheless improve an athlete, maybe not the PB but in organization and personality. This is exactly part of the decision making process, who do we select and with which kind of support. Similar to last year there will be form 29th September to 3rd October next to the daily training some extra sessions like running specific strength training or coordination exercises. Additionally there will be each day workshops for mental training, communication, interview training or q&a about financial items for a professional athlete. Moreover there will be a medical speech and we want osteopathy/ physiotherapy to be part of the training camp. We organize the days like a day of a pro athlete. The special thing of the Laufteam Deutschland: We want to show young athletes how it feels and what is important to get to the top as we know that this kind of motivation is the strongest. With our support for the young athletes we hope to inspire other runners, companies and people to join and to support the Laufteam Deutschland. If you are interested, you find more details here (only in German, if you have a question write us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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