Restart with a new coach (Anna)

Injury followed by injury

2018 was a turbulent year for me where I learned a lot. I ran out of an injury into the next one. In spring I was stopped by a persistent injury of my right femoral muscles. 9 weeks without running, only alternative training and many visits at doctors and physiotherapists. The period of injury was hardy gone when I pushed myself back into training. Way to fast. I wanted, I thought I need to... and in the end I couldn’t. In the beginning of August, 6 weeks before my start at the BMW Berlin-MARATHON on the 16th of September, I got the diagnosis edema in my pelvis, a sign for an upcoming stress fracture. The next weeks I spent on crutches, a time without any kind of sports, than a period without running. There have been moments where I thought this can’t be true. Really? Again? I know I can come back stronger but my plan was not to show this once again. At some point it is enough. But as so often in life, sometimes you or better I do not want to see, not to hear anything and than the body make you feel it. People don’t change if everything goes well. Everything that does not challenge you won’t change you. This week I’ve read a sentence in a yoga book. „The soul said to the body: You have to go first- he won’t listen to me. The body answered: I am going to get ill. He will listen then to you.“

It was time for me to push the restart button. A complete shut down of the operation system to restart again. I still have big goals that I want to reach in my running career and I realized that it is time for a change, time for a new stimulus at this important position.


New coach: Dan Lorang

I found a new coach outside of track and field, Dan Lorang, coach of triathlete Jan Frodeno and Anne Haug, and professional coach of the German pro cycling team BORA Hansgrohe. We have been in touch already for many years when Dan has been national coach of the German triathlon union. I followed my impulse and called him, met him in Munich and spent a week at his place in Chiemgau. And I am really happy and looking forward to start this new chapter. I felt immediately this same feeling at Dan. Our first goal is to rebuild my strength, to make me resistant for high quality so that I am able to train continuously without injuries. Everything else happens later.

New Club: SCC Berlin

Moreover I am going to race just as Lisa for the SCC Berlin next year. Lisa lives and trains in Berlin since July and is coached by Dieter Hogen and I am also pretty often at her place. New coach, new places to train and the same passion for running.

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