Speeches from the Hahnertwins

The Hahnertwins

These are the marathon runners and Olympic participants Anna and Lisa Hahner. With their PBs of 2:26:44h (Anna) and 2:28:39h (Lisa) they are amongst the fastest ever German marathon runners. The sports business women are loved by the running community but they are not everybody’s darlings. The twins go their own way. They do not want to reinvent running, but nevertheless they want to set new accents. Running means a special attitude towards life and marathon is life in concentrated form. Just as life offers ups and downs you will also find them in a marathon. And the strategies to overcome them are similar and identical in many ways.

„Motivated for 42km and a whole year“

The twins talk about their experiences, adventures and the lessons, they have learnt by doing through performance and professional sport. At the same time they take a look at science. What is it that makes them into fast marathon runners? What in general, is responsible for people becoming successful? Which role has talent in that? What exactly is talent?

As long as I improve I am in a flow and have fun. But what happens if I get injured, if I do not improve, when physical and psychological reasons mean it doesn’t work the way I want it to work? The professional athletes Anna and Lisa will speak about that and give examples and techniques for the solution.

It happens that Anna and Lisa are slowed down by injuries. That’s at least the first impression after the diagnosis. In retrospect the Hahnertwins ask the question „Is it regress or progress?“ They show the possible course of action, how they transform a so-called regress into a progress and in which way a change of perspective is decisive for that. The goal is not to be always in a comfortable situation and to avoid risks. It is better and more important to act outside the comfort zone and to know how to deal with setbacks.

Are there moments when the twins have no motivation to train? What are they doing in these moments? They will give an answer and explain what their key for motivation is.

Book the twins for an enthralling and inspiring speech that gives an insight of the life of a pro athlete and sports businesswomen and that shows how to transfer values of sport into a business context.

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